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Terms & Conditions


Please read before continuing! The following may be subject to change.

  • You MUST provide a description and/or at least one reference image of your character(s)!

  • I can do: Fan-art, OC, Kemonomimi, light nsfw, portraits, abstract/simple backgrounds

  • I cannot do: Furry/anthro, mecha, gore, hard nsfw, complex scenes, detailed or isometric backgrounds

  • Payment is by PayPal or Venmo only.

    • An invoice for half of the total price will be sent upfront and must be paid before I will start. This deposit is non-refundable.

    • The second half will be paid upon completion. You will receive a watermarked proof first, and then a high-res, un-watermarked version once the final invoice is complete.

    • Once I sketch, I will take changes up to 3 times for free before charging additional fees (unless I have made a mistake with the references/description, in which case I will fix for free)

  • Commissions are for personal use only. For commercial projects, please contact me and we can discuss.

Character portraits

Prices are per-character, in USD. Limit 4 characters. Plain, abstract background included; extra costs depend on complexity

Base price

Bust: $50

1/2 body: $70

3/4 body: $80

Extra charges

Background additions: +$5-30

Complex pose: +$5-30

Detailed accessories: +$5-20

Complicated design: 1.5x-2x base price


Window Portraits

Single-character illustrations with a themed, abstract background and framed in a simple oval border. White, black, or transparent frame, with or without a glow effect.

Base price

Headshot: $30

Bust: $40

3/4 Body: $60

Extra charges

Complex pose (3/4 body only): +$10-20

Detailed accessories: +$5-20

Complicated design: 1.5x-2x base price


Ready to order?


Contact me via Twitter/Instagram PM, or email with the following:

  • Commission type and character size requested

  • Character(s) references, description, requests for pose/background/outfit etc

  • Any additional information I should know about your character(s)

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